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February 2016


    Pumpkim Peels: Zero waste, lots of flavor! (Cascas de Abóbora: Zero desperdício, muito sabor!)


    Okay, if I was to name one thing I love and another one I hate, these would have to be food and waste. I don’t think I particularly  have to explain why I am so passionate about food, but when it comes to food waste, I get really pissed off. I know that not everything in our kitchens are 100% profitable, but we should definitely pay more attention not only to just not throw away leftovers but also on how we can make ingredients we don’t normally think of as recipes ”stars”, huge staples in our daily cooking. For example, pumpkins! Not only am I obsessed with them because of their taste, but also, pumpkins are a hundred percent usable. Read more…