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August 2016

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    Why your body is a good place to be (Porque o seu corpo é um bom lugar para se estar)

    (Versão em Português ao final do post)

    To me, shower time = reflection (and also singing like I’m on a world tour, not gonna lie) time. And today, as I was washing my body, I started to reflect on a few things…

    Have you ever looked in the mirror feeling like you weren’t enough? Or have you ever compared yourself, wishing you could be in someone else’s place? Yeah, me too. Lots of times, actually.

    In a way guess this is just part of human nature. We tend to want what we don’t/can’t have, and it only gets more and more frustrating over time. It’s like we’re trying to reach the unreachable, and that’s freaking tiring. But what if we just relaxed?  Read more…