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March 2017


    I almost died, and it’s time I talk about it.

    Here we go, this is gonna be a hard (and long ass) one. I’ve been postponing this post for a while, but I did promise you I would try to be more open this year, and I guess it’s about time. It’s about time because there are a bunch of things I wanna talk to you guys about. There are discussions I want to open, and topics I want to cover; but none of it will make sense if I don’t open myself up first.

    I can’t really pick a date and say ‘hey, that was when it all started’, but I do remember being comfortable in my own skin up until the age of 10. After that, however, something shifted, and I went through a phase that later down the road led to me almost giving up my own life. It wasn’t pretty.

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