Music Mondays: Week 6

With the exception of one or two artists (Spoon being one of them – duh), this week’s playlist is entirely based on stuff I’ve only just got into; so I’ve decided to pick more than just a tune by most of them – and I may nor may not have put four songs by the same band in there. Oops! I guess you can say I’m bit addicted. 

Either ways, I hope you enjoy it as much as I am… There’s over two hours and a half worth of music there. Wooo. New music gets me living.

Lemme know what you think (and if you’ve picked up on which band I’m talking about!)

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Space Song – Beach House

The Day I Die – ISLAND

Wise Up – RedFaces

Next Time I’m Around – FRONTEERS

Antichrist – King No-One

One Foot – Airways

Tumble Party – Wild Front

Permanent Vacation – The Academic

Do You Wanna? – M I S F I R E S

Talk Like Thunder – VANT

Alcatraz – King No-One

In the Dirt – Wild Front


Honest – Clay

Daydream – The XCERTS

100 Times Over – Cassia

Bear Claws – The Academic

Halo – King No-One

Do You Have a Name – Glass Caves

Few and Far Between – Wild Front

Rearrange – Miles Kane

Ceasefire – Judas

Come with Me – Gold Star

Blood on the Mattress (feat. Zella Day) – Korey Dane

Sugar Sweet – Larkins

I’m Not Sorry – The Pigeon Detectives

Fake It – The Lulu Raes

Sunday to Sunday – The Vanns

Girl Who Cried Wolf – Ashe

Temper Temper – Lime Cordiale


Small Death – Kawala

Sister – Judas

Keep My Cool – The Vanns

Wasted Years – Larkins

Try it Again – The Hives

What’s Going On? – The Snuts

Alive – Glass Caves

Do You – Spoon

Hanging Upside Down – Lime Cordiale

Beat The Gun – Paves

Can I sit Next to You – Spoon

One by One – Sticky Fingers

Systematic – King No-One

White Noise Boys – Airways


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